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Titanium is light and hard, with high temperature resistance, but due to the fact that it is difficult to extract. In earlier days, it is only used in the aerospace and military application and was classified as strategy-based precious metal. 

In recent years, there was a major breakthrough in the melting technology, the application of Titanium has expanded to chemical, marine, nuclear, solar and even livelihood industries. Titanium has been named as "Future Metal" cause of its excellent character.


Excellence of Titanium 



Superior Corrosion Resistance 

*A:erosion rate of 0.127mm/year  B:erosion rate of 0.127-1.27mm/year  C:erosion rate of 1.27mm/year and over



Anodic Treatment

Titanium after anodized treatment will produce different thickness of titanium oxide due to changes in current intensity on the surface, thus through the wavelength of light, it appears as different variety of gorgeous colors.




Application of Titanium


  • Automobile Industry
  • Building
  • Chemistry & Energy Resources
  • Military Industry
  • Medical
  • Military Industry
  • Ocean Industry



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