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Titanium Screws
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Titanium screw performs as a fastening and tightening component better than screws made of other materials for its utilities like corrosion-resistant, lustrous and low density. Titanium screws can be alloyed with different metal, such as iron and aluminum to produce lightweight alloys for different purposes.

We offer high quality titanium screws for global market with on time delivery and custom-made titanium screw set is also our specialty. Any color, any size or any form of titanium screw, We could satisfy your demanding requirements.

Various models of our premium titanium screw:

* Hex. Socket Head Cap Screws
* Hex. Socket Flat Head Screws
* Hex. Socket Button Head Screws
* Hex. Head Screws
* Hex. Washer Head Self Drilling Screws
* High tensile strength screws
* Machine screws
* Tapping screws
* Self-drilling screws
* Nuts, Flange nuts, Rivets
* Nonstandard parts
Technology Cold-Forging

Cold-forged process makes those screws was more safely and stronger than common turning titanium screws.

Primary Advantages
* Lightweight
* High strength
* Superior corrosion resistance
Material :
* Titanium Grade1-4
* Titanium Alloy
Q.C. Equipment :

* Tensile testing machine
* Micro Vickers hardness tester
* 2.5D vision system
* Metallurgical microscope
* Coordinate measuring machine
* Torque wrench
* Punch gauge

R.D. Equipment :

* Micro Vickers hardness tester
* Metallurgical microscope
* Heat Treatment Furnace
* Tensile testing machine
* Drilling testing machine

Hex. Socket Head Cap Screw
DIN 912, DIN EN ISO 4762
Hex. Cap Screw, Partially Threaded
DIN 931, DIN EN ISO 4014
Hex. Cap Screw, Fully Threaded
DIN 933, DIN EN ISO 4017
Hex. Socket Flat Head Screw
DIN 7991, DIN EN ISO 10642
Hex. Socket Button Head Cap Screw
Philips Cross Recessed Flat Head Screw
DIN 965, DIN EN ISO 7046





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